4 Types of Pest Control

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Pest control should be on every household’s maintenance list. Pest removal is a concern for everyone, especially for those who grow crops as a livelihood. There are many types of pest control, and its uses depend on what kind of pests you’re dealing with. Pests don’t only eat the food we have; they also attack our belongings now like furniture and carpets. We should take pest control really seriously so we can live in our homes free of them.  

Pest Control 

Biological Pest Removal 

This is an organic pest control that uses living organisms to control the population of the vermin. It is chemical free and highly beneficial. This type is not intentional most of the time. Most of these cases are invasive, like the silverfish which is controlled by earwigs and spiders. One of the upgrades of biological pest control is the robot falcons which is effective for controlling the rodent population. This method however should be used wisely because it can cause an imbalance in the ecosystem once the animals used for control loses natural predators.  

This type of pest control is done dating back to ancient Egypt. Domesticated cats are used to eliminate the rodents. Mongoose is used for controlling the population of snakes and rodents, ferrets are used as mouse catchers. If you want to do this method, you have to introduce the right domesticated predators in your property. This will decrease the number of pests.  

Chemical Pest Control 

If you want to exactly exterminate the pests, the best way is through chemical pest control. This method is really popular now. Different sprays and solutions are used to eliminate the vermin in your property. To successfully eliminate pests, you should know what kind of pest you have. For example if you mistake bedbugs for dust mites, you might use the wrong method. This will make the rashes severe because of the wrongly executed method. If you do the DIY approach, you might also experience poison shyness. It means that the rodenticide won’t work on the first digestion. The poison becomes repel rather than bait, making the rat continues to grow.  

Rodent Pest control Methods 

Rodents like squirrel and rats are terrible risks to our health especially if not controlled immediately. Some prefer the DIY methods; others call a professional pest control company. You can get rid of them through humane and quick way but there are also methods that are deadly to the pests. The common methods are using snap traps, rodenticides, bird of prey, ultra-sonic device, home remedies and rodent-destroying animals.  

Bird Pest Control Methods 

There are birds that are considered as pests because of the structural damages they cause. These are unavoidable; they cannot be easily exterminated like the vermin and rodents we mentioned here. To control them, you have to catch them with nets or deter them. The relocation is performed and then we can consider the problem solved. Some of the bird control methods are bird netting, bird-scaring devices, traps, spikes and fire-imitating gel.  

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